Hotstar APK Download for Android, PC & iOS

You don’t need a TV to watch TV anymore. Hard to believe, right? But with the Hotstar app you can get to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows for free. The content is available to watch for free, and can either be streamed online or saved to watch later when you’re offline. The Hotstar App’s USP lies in this very ease on access it provides.

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Why get HotStar apk app? Hotstar features:

With the sort of movies and TV shows you get to watch legally over your Android device, you’re going to enjoy every single bit of entertainment on TV, even if you’re travelling or have a powercut. Here are some great features Hotstar has to offer.

  • Free movies and TV shows: Watch every TV serial, movie and news show on TV right on your Android device.
  • Never miss a scene: Get notified each time your show is live on TV.
  • No Lags: The TV show or movie premiere loads simultaneously on your device, so you don’t miss a second of entertainment. Great way if you want to keep yourself safe from spoilers.
  • Offline Friendly, Download content: Save video content offline for when you want to watch it later. You cannot access it in your gallery but only via the hotstar app, which is a great means on preventing piracy.
  • Sync support: The service also syncs across devices, so you need not have to figure out your episode progress each time you login through a new device.
  • Hotstar for everyone: Content you can access on Hotstar app includes Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, English and more languages than any other app of its genre!
  • Hotstar works everywhere! Anywhere you go, all you need is a movie saved offline, or an internet connection to get the latest shows!

The unmatched quality of service is a major benefit HotStar carries. Coupled with the universal compatibility and quick support, it is hard to say no to this.
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The content you find on Hotstar comes from all sorts of genres; be it bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Soap operas, documentaries or others. The multiple languages also help. Plus, with Sports like cricket featuring prominently, there’s something for everyone to enjoy of the Hotstar apk app.

How to Download Hotstar apk app for Android?

Hotstar app is available to install directly through the Play Store on Android devices. But if you’re looking for a way to get the app without using GApps, the way is to use the Hotstar apk file from the internet. Here’s a detailed description of the procedure to follow.

  • Download Hotstar APK file from the internet. You can obtain it from any third party app store or even from websites.
    Do make sure to scan the apk file after download to eliminate chances of any malware.
  • Go to settings in your phone menu.
  • Scroll to find Security and enter it.
  • Enable Unknown Sources from the list of options. This should allow apps from outside the Android Play Store using the apk files.
  • Tap the downloaded Hotstar apk file to run the setup of the app.
  • Go through the list of permissions require. If you’re OK with them, press Install.


Hotstar doesn’t take more than a few seconds to finish installing. Once done, you can set up your account, and watch free movies and TV shows without any issues! or try The terrarium TV Apk For Free Movies

The same method can get you the Hotstar app for Blackberry too. You don’t need to enable unknown sources on BB OS either. Just make sure the OS is version 10.2.1 or higher.

Hotstar App for PC: Download and Install

If you’re on PC, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows directly on the website. But there are several ups to having the app instead of the website version of the app. For example, you can store movies for later, which is not possible with the website. Also, the concise interface arrangement is pretty streamlined, which makes the app a lot more useful than the website.
If you want your Windows PC to run the Hotstar app, you might not find an exe file of the app of the internet. But you can use the apk file to run the app, using a class of software called Android Emulator. These software mimic Android over the PC, and so you can install Hotstar apk file over the device. You can also check garageband pc in case you want to run garageband on your windows machine

Here’s what you need to do to get Hotstar app to work on your device. Make sure to follow these steps in sequence to get the best results.

  • Download an Android emulator over your PC. Bluestacks is a really good free option.
  • Install the emulator software over your PC. Run the exe file you downloaded, and follow the instructions prompted.
    Make sure to save your data and close other programs before doing this, as some emulator require the system to reboot after installation.
  • Setup the emulator using Gmail to login to the app. This enables Google’s services on the emulator, as well as speeds up things like helping with syncing and more.
  • Go to the search bar and type in Hotstar. Or, if you have the Play Store icon on your emulator’s interface, use it to search for the app in the Play Store.
  • Go to the Play Store page of the app. Press Install.
  • Go through the permissions listed and click “install” if you agree. Hotstar app should install in a matter of seconds.
  • You can now access unlimited movies and TV shows right on your PC, without having to stream them illegally from dubious websites. Isn’t that awesome? 


The best thing about the Hotstar app is the content you watch is not pirated. This means that the quality is of supreme quality, and also available legally.psiphon 3 It is paid for by the advertisement revenue generated by the rare ads one finds in the content, and through the subscription fees you can pay to remove them. It is good when you want to avoid the burden on your conscience about fueling the crime of piracy. This is the reason I love Hotstar app, it keeps you entertained constantly but doesn’t need you to steal from the internet. And this is why I recommend Hotstar over similar apps in the market like Terrarium TV, Showbox, Vidmate, Cartoon HD and more.

So what are you waiting for? Get the ShowBox apk for your device now!