Why working people need to own a car:

Car now days is not only a luxury of life but also considered as basic necessity of life for people who like to keep their life easy, secure and comfortable. Travelling from one place to other is not easy these days. Due to limited transport, sometimes you may be late while reaching your offices due to serious traffic jam on roads. As population is increasing continuously, people of this era are mostly well educated and they want to earn money to give their children a better lifestyle. Workers have to reach their offices in time so it becomes very important for them to own a car. They have option of buying a new car or used one. But people who want to control their travelling expenses and save money, it will be better for them to buy used car for sale in Dubai.

Platforms available for buying used car for sale in Dubai:

To buy or sell a car in Dubai is not a problem anymore. Due to advancement in field of information technology, anyone can easily buy or sell car using either offline or online platforms. If we talk about offline platforms it means you can sell your car buy giving an ad in classified section of newspapers like Khaleej times and Gulf News. Moreover, there are also many online platforms like facebook,youtube and online car selling sites. You can also easily advertise your used car for sale in Dubai by making a post on various online pages or you can simply browse your dream car by going through different online sites.

Why people prefer to buy used car for sale in Dubai:

Residents of Dubai said that we are tired of renting a car or can’t get car loan but want to buy a second hand or used car in Dubai. Here we are going to list down the steps to buying a used car and to ensure you get them most for your dirhams.

How a buyer can find the right car in Dubai?

The first thing you need to do is figure out the value of used car for salein Dubai which you want to buy. Most of the people use Dubizzle used cars to assess what is currently running in the market and what is within their budget. Dealerships in Dubai have occasional offers and many of them may come up with service histories and warranties, however buying a car through dealership is generally more expensive. And most of the used cars in Dubai will be either one year or two-year-old.

-Don’t forget to check out Gulf News and Khaleej Times they contain classified sections.

-Now a days facebook groups /newsfeed is a very popular place right now for most of the people to sell their used or new cars.

Checking car properly for accident purposes:

Once you have found your dream used car, make sure to ask the seller for the chassis number of car. You can check if the car you want to buy was in an accident via Dubai Police e-service Accident Inquiry portal. So when you are on way to buy used car for sale in Dubai, don’t forget to check car for accident purposes.

Why inspection by mechanic is compulsory?

Consider you don’t have so much knowledge about cars and you are going to buy a car for first time. It will be good in your respect if you take your friend with you who have a bit knowhow about cars or before buying a car take it for inspection by the mechanic. Car inspection is one of the most important steps while you are about to buy used car for sale in Dubai.

What seller need to do?

Finally, you have decided to buy used car that you want, don’t forget to take car on test drive. If you have agreed a price it is up to the seller to pay the outstanding car loan if they have not already and also remembered to request a liability letter from their bank. The bank will inform Dubai police department within3-5 days and now the seller can proceed. Also ensure that all traffic fines are paid in full on the car they are actually selling.

How to get car insurance and transfer ownership:

Most important thing seller must bring car registration card in order to get car insurance. The seller will prefer to test the car if it is over two years old for 120AED to make sure that car is road worthy and also to make the insurance process easier. Once you have insurance you can easily go to traffic offices and register your used car for sale in Dubai on your name.

This is how you can easily buy used car in Dubai. If you wish to sell your used car in Dubai whether it is damaged, accidental, working or non-working, webuycars is the best platform where you can sell your car under 30 minutes. Just go to our site, find out our contact number and make a call. We will reach to see your car as soon as we receive your call.

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